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  • Bexcore is an advanced biopsy instrument that can collect or remove tissue without leaving an incision scar.
Bexcore is a method used to make a small incision of 4~5mm, place a needle close to the area of focus, sucking tissue through a groove on the end side of the needle while sucking and cutting the sucked tissue with the inner blade of a knife and extracting the tissue through vacuum suction.

  •   As it operates through making a small incision, suturing is not needed.

      Because any abnormal region is detected and a needle is accurately inserted and fixed and tissue is extracted under the guidance of ultrasonic waves, the procedure can be completed within 30 minutes.

      After the procedure, almost no pain can be felt and the breast is barely changed.

      As time elapses, a scar is hardly noticed.

This product is a “medical instrument” and it is strongly advised to carefully read “Cautions for use” and “Instructions" before using.